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Export Import

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Making 6-figure income with importation is one of the toughest achievements in internet marketing world today. It gets tougher every year. The competition is become fiercer day by day, a lot of online importers are available.

Starting your importation with China is the best way to realize your dream.

When you import from China, you increase the pace that you need to keep your business stronger—to get more prospects, and make more money. Know the goods you want to buy is also a major criteria in business.

The made in China label is one of the most common labels in the world due to china's hastily developing manufacturer industries; it's low manufacturing wages, and it is the largest exporter in the world.

How do you confidently start your business, have a winning edge, and then beat your competition—again and again—so you can boost your income?

All you need is how to craft a unique and effective business plan that works for your importation.

Made in China products are relatively cheap due to the high rate of manufacturing companies present in China. With little capital, you can venture in the importation of product and as times goes on; you will benefit much from it. This book gives you more knowledge and exposes you to things you need to know about China products, price and how to import or export your goods to your destination. Endeavor to have a copy of this book so to avoid cheating or to fall to the hand of wrong or dubious consultant agent.

This is what I specialize in—and this is what I will teach you in "6-figure blueprint."

This book is designed to give you all the necessary information you need to confidently learn how to import from china. Each chapter contains a comprehensive guide on crafting a winning plan on how to import from china.

With "How To Import From China And Become Rich Through It" you get the same blueprints at a fraction of the price—and you are guaranteed to gain more knowledge from this blueprint


Here's a taste of what the book covers

  • What іѕ the dіffеrеnсе bеtwееn imроrtіng and exроrtіng?
  • What are the dіffеrеnt stерѕ іnvоlvеd in imроrtіng?
  • Who are the players in the imроrt game?
  • Shірріng
  • Shірріng agent
  • Arrival in your country
  • Import or cuѕtоmѕ duty
  • Clearing cuѕtоmѕ and cargo release
  • Pареrwоrk


You really can't go wrong with this book, unless you fail to follow this book to the last detail. This book is a one-time investment in your business and which will provide you with a lifetime of huge market audience.

Lastly, this book shows us the easy ways to import or export from China. Import and export are synonymous and depends on where you are and where the goods or services are going. If you are bringing goods from somewhere to where you are, it is called import, but if sending products from where you are to somewhere, it is called export.


Tonton Taufik
Tonton Taufik


Tonton Taufik and Ma Jun Importer & Exporter Company Limited is a well-known consultant agency that deals majorly with the importation and exportation of China product. We have many years experience in this field that is why we make it available in this EBook for people to know what it takes to import goods to China.

Tonton Taufik
Tonton Taufik
Ma Jun
Ma Jun



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